Kids & Preteens

Kids Yoga Tree (1).pngKids' Yoga

Kids ages 6-9: This class offers practices to lengthen and strengthen the body while clearing the mind. With story telling, story creating, group games, meditation, sharing, and just plain play, this class encourages imagination, creativity, compassion, autonomy, patience, and team building. We explore emotions and sensations of the body through a child’s lens and apply age appropriate yoga practices to self-sooth and uplift their spirits!

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Preteen Yoga Cobra (1).pngPreteen Yoga

Preteen ages 10-14: Our unique Preteen Yoga Class uses yoga to help bridge the gap between child and teenager. Preteen Yoga classes incorporate a more adult approach to the yoga poses, breath and meditation, while encouraging the individuality and creativity of each Preteen. Classes introduce more complicated postures that require a greater attention to full-body coordination. Preteen Yoga classes often naturally encourage discussion on physical and developmental issues and explore problem solving through yoga concepts.

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