Welcome to Skating Class at McFetridge

Welcome to Ice Skating Classes at McFetridge Sports Center. Prior to visiting, please review our Group Skating Class Rules & Guidelines so you will know what is needed for classes. 

Group Skating Class Rules & Guidelines

  • All patrons are required to enter the building through designated lobby entrance doors.
  • Masks must be worn by all staff and patrons at all times when inside the building.
  • All participants are advised to wear gloves or mittens, a warm sweater or jacket, and loose fitting pants that will not inhibit free motion. Hats or helmets and additional padding are optional.
  • Skaters should arrive to the rink already dressed and ready to skate. When possible, skaters who have their own skates should arrive with the skates on (protective skate guards required on the blades).
  • Quality figure skates with firm support are recommended. If the skater does not have his/her own skates, they may be rented each class for a fee ($3). Payment is made at the front desk (credit card only) and you will receive a ticket to turn in at the skate rental window for the skates. Double blade skates are not permitted for classes.
  • Skaters with classes on the main rink will proceed through the north set of doors to the ice rink and will immediately turn left towards the north bleachers. Folding chairs are lined along the wall for skaters to tie their skates.
  • Skaters with class on the studio rink should enter the main rink from the south lobby doors, turn right and follow the signs to the studio rink. There are folding chairs in the studio rink for skaters to tie their skates.
  • It is important that the skater be ready to go on the ice when the class begins, but please arrive with only enough time to get to class.
  • Skaters will meet the instructor off the ice before each class, in the designated participant area inside the rink. Signs with the different class levels will be posted on the walls and the instructors will meet the skaters by the posted class level sign for attendance and to do an off-ice introduction, if applicable.
  • The instructors will lead the skaters onto the ice one class at a time through the designated entry door for that ice surface.
  • Congregation in common areas is prohibited. Skaters and parents must maintain social distancing at all times. If a parent is with a child, the parent may help the child to the class and must either sit social distanced in the designated seating sections in the bleachers or wait outside.
  • Skaters and instructors must practice social distancing on the ice during class. There will be no interaction between classes on the ice.
  • Upon completion of the class, groups will exit the ice surface one by one using the designated exit door for that surface (Main rink: south, bleacher side door; Studio rink: corner doors). Please remain in the bleachers until your skater’s class exits the ice.
  • For classes on the main rink, chairs are set up along the south end of the rink for removing skates. For classes on the studio rink, chairs are set up along the wall for removing skates.
  • Upon completion of class, all patrons are asked to immediately leave the facility using designated exit doors.
  • Until further notice, make-up classes will not be allowed.
  • Prior to the next registration, if an instructor thinks a skater should move up to a higher level, an evaluation form stating so will be received and the qualification will be updated in the system.
  • If you arrive late and do not know your class level or which instructor is teaching your class, please go to the front desk to find out this information before going on the ice.
  • In-person meetings with parents are discouraged, unless the meeting can be held outside. Questions can be answered via email or phone.