Wellness Staff



Assistant Wellness Coordinator

Maureen (aka Moe, she/hers) has been teaching Yoga for about six years; however, she discovered it over fifteen years ago while pursuing her acting degree. She found that sun salutations and asana not only warmed up her body and aligned her with her breath but practicing them before rehearsals and performances also gave her a sense of calm, connection, and focus. Wondering how she might bring this connection into her daily life, Moe started developing a home practice, studying books on yoga, and attending asana classes in person. Her studies and practices eventually led her to discover Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, which in turn brought her to completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Now Chicago with Amy Beth Treciokas.


Since receiving her certification in 2017, Moe has earnestly pursued authenticity in her teachings, in her practice, and in her life off the mat. Practicing Yoga continues to teach her about connecting deeper to that peaceful inner soul space where love and acceptance live; about seeking truth and joy in the present moment no matter what judgments there may be; and about cultivating a fierce spirit both on and off the mat. She hopes to share these discoveries with her students and is in awe of all they continue to teach her!


Moe is also a certified teacher of stage combat with the Society of American Fight Directors and is working on her 300hr yoga teacher training. When not on her mat, you’ll likely find her in a theater directing, choreographing, teaching, or performing.


Yoga Instructor

Jim has had a mad love affair with Yoga for over two decades. What began simply as a way to manage low back pain grew into a thirst for more: info, asana, teachers, styles...you get it.
Jim owned the Yoga Shop of Old Irving Park for 8 years, a super welcoming and inclusive studio with amazing teachers of all styles. Dharma for Jim is bringing people–all people–into the transformative world of Yoga. Jim is also a Wellness activist and published author.


Lacey is a certified Hatha teacher nationally recognized through the Yoga Alliance at the 270-hour professional level. In her yoga classes, she combines classical Asana and Vinyasa with innovative exercises and combinations to increase awareness, restore physical imbalances, and improve mental clarity. Her intention is to deepen students' awareness to the mind, body, and breathe, enhance overall well-being, and ease in daily life.


Lacey studied at the Prague School of Yoga under the guidance of Monica Angelucci. She combines her enthusiasm and love of Yoga with the knowledge of alignment and body mechanics.


Yoga Instructor

Mariana's passion for Yoga started in 2005 when she was in search of a way to calm her mind and found the healing powers of Yoga.  Through her ongoing practice of yoga and meditation, she discovered that yoga not only served self-awareness but also unified and uplifted her mind, body, and spirit.  She became a certified 200-Hour Yoga Teacher through Uplifted Yoga online.  In addition, Mariana furthered her education by receiving her second certification through Prairie Yoga School's 250-Hour Teacher Training program.  Through her direct experience, Mariana has witnessed the healing and transformative powers of yoga, making it her mission to help others discover its benefits.


Yoga Instructor

Marlo has been in the wellness industry for 25 years.  She holds certifications as a group fitness instructor, health coach and personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise.  She also is a registered Nutrition and Dietetic Technician. 

Marlo first ‘found’ yoga in 2003 following her mother’s early passing, finding it a source of comfort.  In 2017, Marlo and her husband made a drastic lifestyle change and moved to the mountains of Costa Rica.  There, she rediscovered her passion for yoga and received her 200 hour-RYT.  


Costa Ricans embrace a “Pura Vida” lifestyle emphasizing simplicity, gratitude, and acceptance with an appreciation of nature, family, and friends.  Marlo believes in the positive benefits of yoga and mindfulness, and continues to learn, practice, and teach yoga building on her wellness foundation and the Pura Vida way.


Yoga Instructor

Monica is a Forrest Yoga & Mindful Meditation Teacher as well as a Shamanic Healer who has been taking yoga classes since 1998 and studying various energy healing modalities since 2009. Studying with Ana Forrest for an intense 200 hour month deepened Monica’s years long moving meditation practice by bringing her Shamanic sensibility to a very modern practice of Yoga. Monica asks each individual to tune into her/his unique physical and energetic abilities and needs without judgment; combine movement with breath to renew energy and feel a sense of accomplishment; all while keeping a sense of humor. In the Forrest tradition, she encourages you to make your body delicious to inhabit and do at least one thing each day to delight your spirit. You are an amazing being of light. Let her help you shine brighter!


Fitness Instructor

Olivia has been a group fitness participant at Northeastern University in Boston for three years. Taking several classes a week, she soon fell in love with sculpting and how it resulted in positive changes in both her mind and body. Now after months of training, she has achieved her goal of becoming an AFAA certified group fitness instructor. Olivia is excited to create sculpting classes that are challenging for herself and for her participants. She hopes to show her participants that sculpting is rewarding, fun, and for everyone!


Tai Chi Instructor

Peter began the study of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong in the late 1980s. Tai Chi is sometimes called a moving meditation and Peter was initially attracted to the slow, relaxing movements of the form as a way to counteract stress, keep his body flexible, and develop internal energy. As his practice of the ancient healing arts as deepened, his body has become more relaxed, more integrated and more grounded, his mind more calm, and his spirit more lively and compassionate. Peter has taught Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Chicago and the northern suburbs for over 10 years. He is a member of IMAAHE (Internal Martial Arts Association for Health and Enlightenment) and continues to study Tai Chi and Qigong with Master Sam Tam and Daoist Qigong with Eva Wong.


Sairsha is a 200hr certified yoga instructor and certified Y.E.S. Facilitator through the Yoga Education in Schools Charitable Trust. She specializes in breath-centric Yoga and traditional Hatha Yoga. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a love of myth, poetry, art, and the natural world.

Sairsha has a deep interest in practices that move us towards a deepening of the human experience. She loves facilitating connection to the seamless process of movement, conscious breathing, and stillness. She is a believer in the breath as a teacher and enjoys sharing practices that bring greater awareness to the body’s natural intelligence. 


Yoga Instructor

Along with teaching yoga, Sarah spent nearly 20 years as a manual therapist and bodywork educator, a wellness retreat facilitator, and more recently, a Certified Life Designer Coach. She’s passionate about helping people redefine their relationship with their health, how they move, and how they feel in their bodies and minds. 

With a focus on integrating the ancient wisdom of indigenous healing practices with adaptations for modern living, Sarah combines mindfulness and meditative practices with functional movement, injury prevention, and healing philosophies. She aspires to make her classes feel welcoming and non-intimidating; gentle but challenging; and focused on your body’s natural intelligence. Sarah believes when we feel calm and connected to ourselves, we have more capacity and potential to create meaningful changes in our lives and in the lives of others.