Freestyle Ice

Freestyle Ice is designated practice time for figure skaters and their coaches. Skaters must be ISI Freestyle 1 level or above or the USFS equivalent to attend these sessions. Lower level skaters can skate on these sessions only when accompanied by a private coach. We offer some Pre-Alpha-Delta Freestyle Ice sessions for skaters in these levels to practice without a private coach. Please refer to the schedule for those weekly sessions

Freestyle Ice Rules & Guidelines

Safety on the ice is our pririoty. We also want to ensure that freestyle ice skaters are being mindful of other skaters while on the ice. Please review our policies and procedures before stepping into the rink. 

Freestyle Ice Rules & Guidelines

  • All skaters and non-staff pros must check in at the front desk, prior to going onto the ice for each session.
  • Skaters and non-staff pros may NOT take the ice without paying first.  
  • All coaches must have a certificate of liability insurance on file at the rink before teaching any lessons.
  • All staff and non-staff pros are responsible for explaining the Freestyle Ice Rules and Procedures to their private students before they go on the ice and are responsible for making sure their students abide by the rules at all times.
  • There are no make-ups or refunds for missed sessions.
  • Splitting sessions or switching skaters out for others who cannot attend is not allowed.
  • Skaters and coaches who repeatedly break the rules will not be welcome on the freestyle sessions.

Behavior and Conduct

  • Be courteous and respectful to all ice monitors, skaters, coaches, staff and parents. Inappropriate conduct or attitudes displayed toward others will not be tolerated.
  • NO food, drinks, candy, gum allowed on the ice! Water is acceptable.
  • NO sitting on the boards by skaters or coaches.
  • NO kicking or stomping the ice or throwing tantrums.
  • NO conversation groups are permitted anywhere on the ice or at the ice entrance.
  • NO skating around the rink in groups of three or more.
  • NO parents or friends should block the entrance doors to the ice.
  • NO headphones of any kind should be worn while on the ice. 

On-Ice Rules

  • Skaters/coaches should be aware of and watching out for other skaters/coaches at ALL times.
  • The higher level skaters should be especially cautious of the younger, less experienced skaters.
  • NO walking on the ice or teaching lessons on the ice in street shoes. Coaches should not stand in the middle of the ice when teaching a lesson; teach at the boards unless demonstrating.
  • No skater should stand in the middle of the ice at any time, unless starting or ending a program or pattern.
  • No lessons are permitted in the Lutz corner, nor is it allowed to stand in the same spot while teaching.
  • Spins should be done in the center of the rink and jumps in the designated jumping areas, unless performing a program.
  • If a skater falls during his/her lesson or practice time, he/she must get up immediately and not lie on the ice (unless injured).
  • A maximum of 2 skaters may be taught private lessons at the same time.
  • If the skaters are in the Tot-Delta level, the coach must always keep both skaters in his/her immediate control.
  • Skaters doing a program have the right-of-way.
  • Soloists must wear the colored belt to signal to the other skaters/coaches that a program is being skated. Failure to do will result in the loss of their turn.
  • Limit your time on the jump harness to 5 minutes per lesson.
  • Back spirals should be done only during a lesson when supervised by a coach.
  • Limit the time that teaching tools, such as cones, stuffed animals, etc. are out in the active ice space.

Music Rules

  • Be courteous and respectful to all ice monitors and other coaches.
  • Program music will be played in the order listed on the “Program Skating Order” board.
  • Only one pro cut is allowed per student, per lesson.
  • Please verify that another coach does not already have a pro-cut in line ahead of you.
  • A skater may have his/her program played more than once per session, only if the full play order has been completed.
  • If a skater chooses to skip his/her turn, the cd/music will go to the end of the line.
  • A skater may have a maximum of 3 plays of their music on any one session.
  • Keep program/warm up music volume at a reasonable level. Adjust the volume when needed.
  • Any program music that is playing when the session is over will be turned off. No exceptions! 

Freestyle Ice Spin Jump Diagram

Package ice Spin Jump Diagram
No coaches standing/teaching in the middle. No skaters standing or stopped in jumping lanes or spin area Each coach is responsible for his/her students following the patterns represented on this page. No lessons permitted in the lutz corner. Spins practiced in the center and jumps on the ends of the rink.