McFetridge Sports Center features 6 brand-new pickleball courts. Court rentals are available for $25 per hour per court. Open Play is offered during the times listed below. Drop in or register in advance. 



$20/court/hour May-Labor Day

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Pickleball Open Play Rules

Pickleball Open Play Rules at McFetridge Sports Center

Please be advised the courts are "User Managed". Staff are not assigned to supervise play or initiate rotations.

  • All players must check in at the front desk prior to taking the court
  • All players must have their own paddle and ball.
  • Players must set up nets and must put the nets away.
  • Take care of the nets; unlock the brakes before gently rolling the net on or off the court.
  • When storing nets behind the tarp, please lock outside brake, and DO NOT BLOCK FIRE EXITS!
  • Throw away any broken balls and trash.
  • Proper footwear is required.
  • Good Sportsmanship and courtesy are expected at all times.
  • Encourage Learning, Fair Play, Fun, and Community.
  • Do not walk across or behind courts until play is stopped.
  • Doubles play takes precedence over singles play.
  • Games are played to 11 points-win by 2. If 6 or more people are waiting for the court, play a game to 9 points-win by 2.
  • Four on and four off after each game. (Except for the Challenge Court)
  • Stack paddles by the court you want to rotate in on.
  • Double stacking of paddles (playing a game while having a second paddle waiting on another court) is not allowed.
  • All skill levels are welcome. However, choose a court based on your skill level.
    • For example if you are a level 2 or a low 3 do not paddle up at a court with level 4.0 or higher players.
    • If do not know your level, then you are probably a 2.5 or lower

Court 1: Beginner/Recreational

Court 2: Beginner/Recreational

Court 3: Intermediate

Court 4: Intermediate

Court 5: Advanced

Court 6: Advanced/Challenge Court (DUPR 4.0 or higher)

There must be at least 3 challenge teams to sustain the Challenge Court. If not, Court 6 becomes just an Advanced Court.

Winners on the Challenge Court can hold court for a maximum of 2 games in a row, then must rotate off.


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